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Mohamed Salah on Match Zone: Liverpool star analyses tactics with Jamie Carragher

Mohamed Salah on Match Zone: Liverpool star analyses tactics with Jamie Carragher

Mohamed Salah tells Jamie Carragher he classes himself as a winger, not a striker

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is fully focused on winning the Golden Boot, but not at the expense of Liverpool’s co-operative style.

Speaking exclusively with Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher in the latest Match Zone special, Salah analysed his positional tactics and goalscoring traits ahead of the huge Saturday lunchtime clash with Manchester United.

That’s live on Sky Sports Premier League at 12.30pm on Saturday, and you can read through Salah’s thoughts on Roberto Firmino, Jurgen Klopp, United and more below…

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CARRA: Your first game against Watford in August; I thought straight away you were going to score goals, because of the position you took up, not as a winger, but slightly inside. Is that from Jurgen Klopp, or is that your own position you like to take up?

SALAH: You need to score goals, and make a difference, so I’m often a little bit inside. But it also depends on the game, because sometimes I have to be on the touchline and the Ox goes inside.

I’m trying to be a bit more inside lately to be closer to the goal, but sometimes Ox and I switch.

CARRA: That diagonal run you make, whenever you play, all the time. It’s so important for a player in your position. Is that yourself, or the manager?

I have to do that because it’s not just for me, it opens the space behind me too. If I run diagonally, the area behind is always free, so if I don’t get the ball, someone else will get it.

CARRA: You’ve scored lots of different goals this season. Do you prefer it when defences give you the space to run into, or when you are scoring goals inside the box?

I have a speed and I have to use it, when I play against someone who gives you the space. But there are some games when there is no space, like against Everton, like Spurs in the second game, there is no space but I have to score. Everyone knows I am fast so I have to change the way I play, I always know I have to change the way I score. Every game is different. I do some extra in training to improve myself.

Mohamed Salah tells Jamie Carragher he classes himself as a winger, not a striker

CARRA: Do you class yourself as a winger?

I’m not a striker, I play on the wing. Firmino plays No 9, me and Sadio (Mane) on the wing. It’s extra special because you do something for the striker too.

CARRA: The relationship between you, Mane and Firmino…

As people, they are great, honestly. They try to help me, they know now I am in a position for the golden boot, so they give me every ball. They even let me take the penalties! They always try to help.

CARRA: How important has Firmino been, not just for you, but for the team this season?

He is doing everything. Running, fighting for every ball, giving the ball back, trying to get the ball in any position. He’s very good for us, and very important. He’s very, very smart.

CARRA: You’re at the top of the goalscoring list…

Yes, [I want to win it]. I can’t say I didn’t expect my statistics this season, I always want to give 100 per cent. I have a target and something in my mind I want to reach.

CARRA: Is it a competition between the three of you to score?

It’s not competition against us, but for us as a team. We want the team to win, we want the team to get points, so everyone wants to score.

Bobby gave Sadio the ball against Newcastle, against West Ham he gave me two goals from his assists, and I had a chance against someone else where I gave it to Bobby.

It doesn’t matter who, we just need to score. But if anyone else is in a better position, we will give them the ball – easy.

CARRA: The goal against Spurs, is it your favourite?

This one yes, and also the goal against Everton.

Mohamed Salah tells Jamie Carragher he classes himself as a winger, not a striker

I shouted “penalty!” but when I got the ball, honestly I didn’t think about crossing. I scored a goal for Egypt against Congo, it was just like that, just chipping the ball in front of the goalkeeper.

CARRA: You’re coming up against David de Gea on Saturday…

Of course you think about the goalkeeper you are facing before a game. You have to prepare yourself for the game and think about the weakness of the players you are up against.

But you know when you are up against De Gea and United, he is a great goalkeeper. I have thought already about David and I am very excited to play against him because they are the only team I haven’t scored against in the top six!

Mohamed Salah wants to complete his record of scoring against every other top-six Premier League side when Liverpool head to Man Utd.

CARRA: You’re also up against your old manager Jose Mourinho…

He sometimes plays two No 6s rather than one. He is very smart, very smart. I worked with him for one year and know how he works. For me, the game is like any other game, we need to win it, get the three points.

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